Photo Sessions.

February 19th 2018
  • Professional surfing photography is now available at Cardon. Take home images of your best rides from the unique perspective that water angles offer. Our photographer has over 15 years of experience and is a longtime surfer, as well as an experienced cinematographer.

    We use top of the line equipment from Canon and SPL Waterhousings, the top choice of the world's best surf photographers.

    Individual packages, 1 person, 3 hr session
    $295 US, 1 session
    $495 US, 2 sessions
    $740 US 3 sessions
    $990 US 4 sessions

    Group package, 10 people, 3 hrs.
    $375 US, 1 session
    $750 US, 2 sessions
    $1120 US, 3 sessions
    $1495 US, 4 sessions