The Surfing

February 19th 2018

Cardon Adventure Resort is located in mainland Mexico, at the entrance to the Sea of Cortez.

From April to November strong pacific ground swells funnel in with amazing consistency. The southerly swells pour down two beautiful point breaks.

The rides are easily over 250 yards long into beautiful sandy bays. You have 3 spots to surf with a variety of conditions, from shifty hollow bowls to super long skate park perfection.

Our ideal beach front location allows you to surf when you want and as long as you want, so you get the best waves.

On small days the inside of the point is great for the kids to learn and improve their surfing. Whatever your skill level, the surf at Cardon Adventure Resort offers something for everyone so, bring the family.

Learn to Surf

Regular surf season starts in April and ends in October. However, we are blessed with smaller waves and perfect conditions year round.
CardonĀ“s world famous long sand botton pointbreaks offer beginers the best conditions to learn surfing.
Cardon Surf School operates with the best surf equipment and our experience billingual instructors are prepared to accommodate a private or group surf lessons.

Daily personalized instruction and group instructions.

Each guest will receive hours of one on one instructions. Our goal is to get you the best and longest ride of your life!

Classes include

  • Daily beach instructions
  • Paddling technique
  • Handling waves & duck dives
  • How to read surf beaks and wave selection
  • Education on tides rip currents and hazards
  • Weakness assessment and strengthening recommendations
  • Water safety & proper etiquette

  • Advanced classes include

  • Paddling and late drops
  • Feet positioning / stance
  • Upper body positioning
  • Board control / Board selection
  • Tactics and positioning in the line up
  • Weakness assessment and recommendations

  • Cardon Resort offers a non competitive atmosphere with no crowds. This trip is deigned to help you improve your surfing no matter what your skill level. We guarantee you will improve and have an unforgettable surfing experience.

    Book your trip now classes are limited to 16 surfers or less.