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February 19th 2018
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  • Sustainability

    The founders at Cardon have been exploring the coast of Sinaloa for decades, we still remember the first time we saw the waves at Tiburon, it was a deserted, pristine and marvelous place where miracles happened on a daily basis. This left us with a sense of commitment to this region that has granted us many memorable days and gratitude to the neighboring communities who continue to support our operations. We have been inspired to continuously look for ways to improve our environmental, social and economic practices and run an efficient and sustainable operation. We have signed a collaborative agreement with the Ejido, outlining our commitment regarding donations for community projects and local environmental initiatives. The agreement was reviewed, verified and is supported by the Procuraduria Agraria, a department of the federal government. In addition, we continue to dedicate our time and effort to lobby the government to provide incentives to and support for the region.

    The neighboring community has been our primary source of employees, some of our staff have been with us since we opened our first hotel in 2006. We have created a work program that consists of six hour work days leaving time for mothers to take care of their families and students to attend classes during the morning and work in the afternoon to support their studies and continue their effort towards obtaining a bachelors degree at state universities. Our employees receive training, transportation and are paid an income above the average for the region.

    In the past years we have supported the two main local civil organizations, the Construction Committee and the Fishing Cooperative. Our donations have been used in the construction of the library, maintenance and improvement of the school, sporting equipment, remodeling of the local church and to provide meals for the elderly at the communal dining room. Cardon provides support to local fishermen, working with the Fishing Cooperative to secure fishing permits which in turn allows them to access government loans for the purchase of fishing equipment.

    One of the most rewarding aspects of our work is experienced when we receive terminally ill children and their families who along with Dream Project coordinators are welcomed at Cardon at no cost. We feel a deep sense of gratitude and appreciation to grant the kids their wish to see the ocean for the first time.

    Another heart warming experience happens when Campo Tortuguero, a federal initiative to protect turtle hatchlings from predation, comes to our resort to release hatchlings into the ocean. The guests at Cardon are able to view these releases and often express their excitement and joy.  Further encouraging our continued support of Campo Tortuguero.

    Cardon Adventure Resort has become an example of sustainability in the region. The infrastructure, food sourcing and waste management practices, represent our efforts to offer a high quality of service while preserving natural resources. Our facilities are durable and functional without sacrificing comfort and beauty. Most of the construction materials were sourced from a provider within 700 km. The use of local supplies and craftsmanship is evident in the pebble stone encrusted floors, rooms and showers. The stones were selected from rocks washed ashore at surrounding rivers and beaches and give the resort a distinctively warm and inviting feel while adding an interesting textural and visual element to the design.

    Food and beverage offerings are mostly prepared from regionally grown ingredients and we are now growing fruits and vegetables including mango, bananas, lime, papaya, mint and more. This allows us to offer our guests fresh ingredients and maximize the use of land and water. The plants you see in our facilities are regional or adapted to the climate and require minimum watering, the irrigation systems are highly efficient and we separate gray water from showers and sinks to be used on ornamental plants. There is an ongoing effort to reduce waste through our reduce, re-use and recycling program. The resort also produces compost from organics. Our property is designed as a platform to promote a sustainable lifestyle, hoping that it will be an example to our guests and the industry of what can be done to reduce our environmental footprint.

    Cardon is also one of the main sponsors of the surf movie RUMORS produced and directed by local film makers. RUMORS “A cinematic journey into the deepest Mexico ever seen on film - the product of a two year operation to find, surf and document the most perfect waves this coastline offers.” You can view the trailer at

  • Ases Surfing Asociation
  • Sinaloa Surf Team 2011

    Surf Games at Ixtapa, Guerrero

  • BackPack donation
  • Cardon Donates Backpacks

    Cardon´s guest Mark Gay donated backpacks and books for Celestino´s best student. Thanks a lot Mark!!!!

  • Dreams Project
  • Cardon with "Dreams Project" coordinators and Dreamers

    Accomplishing the dream "to see the ocean for the first time" for Dreamers: Alexia, Estefania and Alonso.
    You can see more pictures of their stay at Cardon here.

  • ARTing with the Community
  • Cardon and "Mexico Encantador" ARTing with the community kids

    Cardon Resort along with "Mexico Encantador", directed by Lilia Magallon, and the therapist Alejandra Rodriguez, made it possible to develop a very peculiar art session for the Celestino Gazca community, an activity that involved the children and some parents using newspaper (sponsored by Noroeste Newspaper) and water to create pictures and figures with colors and nuances from the great little artist's imagination. The art exhibition was held in the community library.
    You can see more pictures here.

  • Cardon Supports Community School
  • Cardon supports elementary school students of the community

    Cardon Resort in supporting the community, with the help of the state government, made ​​it possible to build a structure to provide shade to the primary school students but support reached the classrooms, providing furniture, tables and chairs so that all children have an appropriate place to continue with their studies.
    You can see more pictures here.

  • Henry and Kerry Zenich donation
  • Henry & Kerry Zenich made a donation for the school of the community

    Henry and Kerry Zenich just made a 200 USD donation for the school in the community for the childrens needs, these were their words "We had such a wonderful time at Cardon! Your staff is absolutely wonderful!! We are going to miss them all very much! We both want to brush up on our Spanish and return next year and be able to have conversations with everyone!! It was so nice to have a vacation where we did very little but really relax...that is not something we have ever done!!. Thank you again to everyone!! PLEASE send our love and regards to all!!".