• Gerry Lopez Video

    Cardon is a little slice of heaven. I’m ashamed that I haven’t seen anything but the people, the place and the waves, but that is only because it was so easy to stay completely focused on the outstanding hospitality, the comfortable accomodations and the endless waves, in fact it was pretty difficult to take my eyes of the surf since it is my idea of a perfect wave for my tastes in surfing, I will return!

  • Jennifer Heil & Dominick Gauthier

    Clean rooms, clean waves... could not be happier. Nothing to improve!

  • Chris Malloy

    Super long fish nuggets. Slolom course and surf o’ rama delux. Food and crew are just right, top notch and casual, feels like home away from home. My quads are burning from all the 300 yard, long lefts and all the turkey carves. I think I’ll come back and bring my family.

  • Tim Davis

    Great vacation, friendly staff and great food all around, a geat trip in warm water and unintimidating friendly waves.

  • Yvon Chouinard, Patagonia Founder & Owner

    Wonderful, friendly staff. First class services. All in cardon is far superior to most other surf resorts.

  • Jackson Browne

    We had a week of very consistent surf, great waves, great food and a very friendly and attentive staff. They prepared us very well before our arrival and gave us excellent advice about the beach and the condition while we were here, own and operated by surfers who grew up surfing at Cardon and who have managed and figured out how to share sustainably with others.

  • Larry Jones, FoxSport COO

    Another great week, accomodations, food and wonderful people.

  • Great waves, great service, great people.

    Cardon is the perfect modern mexican surf trip! Sam George

  • Hola Mi Amigos!

    I'd like to take a moment of your time to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH for an outstanding week at Cardon! Everyone on your staff did an EXCELLENT job at making everyone in my group feel welcome and appreciated.

    The email feedback I have received from my group since we got home has been overwhelmingly…SUPER STOKED!!!!

    My personal and special thanks to each of you for going "above and beyond" the call of duty… Oscar…for picking Ron and me up at the Culiacan Airport early Saturday morning. Omar…for your patience with me. Sergio…for picking up and delivering my Boards from the Culiacan Airport.

    I sincerely appreciate each of you and your friendship!

    Bruce Wysocki, Redondo Beach, CA.

  • Tony Hotchkiss

    Hi all, Just wanted to say thanks again for another GREAT trip!!!! Waves were fun size and didn't let us down, although we didn't have the epic surf of the week before, EVERYONE had fun surf and better yet had a great time as always. I am continually impressed at the way you guys do business and take care of us, the new [ and old ] resort are so well thought out I can't think of a thing i would have done different. The customer service is second to none, accommodations are almost too nice, food - as good as any restaurant in california. but most importantly the people that work at Cardon, across the board from the bottom to the top are incredible and always make it a great trip. Also impressed with the work that Cardon is doing to help improve the town of celestino's, very nice! The new greywater system, and the thoughtfulness for cutting down on waste.

    It was a nice treat to have some video taken of us surfing and shown to us on our last day. I would like to make a suggestion that, maybe on good day we could pay to have video shot of us for a entire morning session. I for one would be happy to pay for a video of a good day surfing at CARDON.

    Please tell everyone thank you for treating us like family, I hope everyone on our trip was thankful and respectful to all the staff.

    Omar you are the MAN, the conductor that makes the place run so well,

    I'd like to book the entire camp for the 3rd. week in april. Please let me know if that is a possibility, also do you have any openings for one or two rooms only in the month of sept. or oct.? It would be nice to get a trip in the fall as well. Thanks to all, Tony Hotchkiss

  • The Futterman Family

    Our week at Cardon has been great for our whole family. The surf was perfect for the family - something for every level of surfing. The food was delicious everyday. No restaurant could compare. The staff was attentive to every need we had and everyone woring at Cardon was so nice and friendly. We loved the iguanas, especially the kids when they got to feed them. Thank you so much for making our stay so enjoyable and we look forward to returning to your wonderful resort.

    Ron, Lisa, Sam (age 12) & Sierra (age 9).

  • Heather, David & Curren Rashi

    I guess the true sign of a great vacation is not wanting to go home. We have travelled here to Cardon from Ventura, Ca. ( My husband, Dave and our 10 year old son, Curren). At first I was a little apprehensive to go on a "surf camp" trip. After our week here, we are all so impressed with every aspect and weather, and Curren got some great experience in the waves, and loved the freedom to roam around feeling safe and having so much fun. The group we met here were all so fun and mellow. Every person we have come into contact with here at Cardon, has been more than amazing and so helpful and friendly! we appreciate the attention to detail so much from every person here! There is nothing I wish we had here this week that wasn't already provided. It was all great! Thanks to everyone here for everything!.

    The food is like a whole new category - Wow! so fresh, so delicious, and the quality along with quantity are more than amazing! wow!!! very impressive service of food, and the menu.

    We look forward to a return visit very soon :D it's a tough decision as to stay at the new location or the current one. The new one looks to be beautiful and can't wait to see it.

    I really love the palapa area at the current location where we hang out, eat, and all... it's a great size, view, and feeling. I think I would miss this area at the new location.

    Thank you for absolutely! you guys are the best! Please stay in touch.

    Heather, David & Curren Rashi.

  • Alexander Family. Dickinson,TX

    The waves were awesome, the staff was fantastic, the food was delicious, and the a/c works great in the rooms! I loved having the different juices with every meal and resting in the hammocks on the beach. Great trip for all four of us!

    Kathy, Troy, Chase (18), and Logan (14)

  • Rob, Berenda, Christina (4) and Grace (3) Dillon, Torrance, CA

    Waves were amazing! The room was comfortable and cool (A/C) . The friendly staff was amazing and very accommodating to your children’s needs! The kids had a great time in the palapa, in the spa and playing in the waves at the beach.

    Rob, Berenda, Christina (4) and Grace (3) Dillon

  • Great Trip

    Thanks guys, for making our trip another GREAT TRIP. Hopefully I'll be emailing you again soon to try to lock down the first week after semana santa for 2011, that seems to be a good time for us to get away from the cold water at home.

    Thanks again,
    Tony Hotchkiss and the gang

  • No better place on earth than Cardon. Much love.

    Luke Stedman
    ASP #17

  • A very professional operation!

    Sean Collins
    Surfline Founder

  • Good times at Cardon. Live it up!

    Taj Burrow
    ASP # 4

  • Wonderful Time

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. Patrick and I had a wonderful time. You with your partners run a first class operation. I think you have thought of everything surfers could ever want. The food was incredible—you have first rate cooks, beyond my dreams. Your general employees were excellent , friendly, personable, and to the best of their ability anticipated our needs. We were also very impressed by your commitment to your community. And we were lucky, we had the surf also!

    Again, thank you to you and all the staff for a wonderful time.

    Regards and good surf to you, Anitra Wirtz


  • Fantastic set-up!

    Two distinct left breaks, with the point offering extremely long, workable lines. The food was scrumptiously gourmet, the staff was friendly and helpful, and the accommodations were comfortable. A remarkable and memorable experience!

    Matt Risk. Torrance, CA


  • Luxurious surf trip!

    This was a luxurious surf trip! Just imagine surfing your arms off in some of the longest waves of your life before sitting down to a gourmet meal followed a siesta only to wake up to a relaxing massage right in your room before partaking in a delicious dinner!

    Darrick. CA


  • The week here surpassed my expectations

    The surf was super fun but beyond that the resort was an incredible place to be when not in the water. The staff was friendly and helpful, Jeff kept a great vibe going and was attentive to our needs, the facilities were great, and the food was better than you could imagine. The only problem was that there was too much food and too many waves – I could not keep up.

    Danny B. CA


  • Great Staff

    Two points to chose from, a very attentive staff, and more delicious food than you can even eat. On top of all that, a good vibe in and out of the line-up.

    James. CA


  • I am completely satiated

    The food was top notch. I’m not sure I could paddle another stroke if I had to. The staff was as attentive as anywhere I’ve been. Thanks for the great times.

    Dr Matt. CA


  • WOW, what an extraordinary experience

    I heard the surf was world class ,I was not disappointed. The 1st dinner bell rang and I was shocked at the quality and presentation of our meal and it just got better every day. The staff: World class service, fun warm and always present and willing to provide any assistance anyone needed, I will be back soon surf or no surf.

    Guy L. CA


  • I keep on coming back

    You have to come down to figure out why!

    Tim. CA


  • I had a great time!

    The surf was great and there was a choice from the long and consistent north point, or the quick and sometimes tubey south point. The food was remarkable and the staff always offers seconds if you like. Words can’t describe the hospitality from the staff. I will come back again! !

    Danny P. Redondo, CA