Hatchling Release of Turtles

February 19th 2018
  • Each year, hundreds of baby Sea Turtles are released by professionals, staff, as well as the guests at Cardon Resort. Sadly, very few Sea Turtles will live long enough to return to our beach and lay their eggs.

    Estimates of sexual maturity in sea turtles vary among species. From as early as three years in Hawksbills, between 12 and 30 years in Loggerheads, and 20 to 50 years in Green Sea Turtles.

    When the turtles do reach sexual maturity and return to the same beach where they hatched, only half the battle for life has begun. Tragically, poachers kill the females, and dig up the nests for the eggs. Such practice lay to waste generations of sea turtles.

    We at Cardon Resort are very supportive protecting the endangered Sea Turtles. We hope that each and every year, the sea turtles will return to the beach at Cardon Resort and have a safe place to nest and lay their eggs.

    We encourage you to join us at Cardon Resort, to protect such a beautiful animal for generations to come.